a la maison

le catch

Inspired by Parisian Jeanne Damas, above, my work-from-home style will now employ a French accent. Instead of work from home, it'll be more like work de oooh la la maison! To start, I'll need Jeanne's perpetually pretty pout. Thankfully for me, she recently launched her own line of iconic French-hued lipsticks called Rouje that--voila--can also be used on cheeks and eyes and layered as well. On top of that, I'll be recruiting a few more sexy-cut, super soft t-shirts by Monrow and The Reformation (now $19!), plus Breton stripes (Kule, da best!) and high-waist sailor-inspired jeans like these by Rolla's. Bien sur, a soupçon of seduction (this, this and this) is necessary, and to finish things off, a pair of Chanel-spirited flats (these, these and these) will effect flawless Francaise.


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