unchartered territory

This weekend at home had me traversing unfamiliar corners of the world wide web (read: avoiding bleak news). I discovered an amazing live auction at The Fashion Illustration Gallery, featuring works by artists like Rosie McGuinness, above. I stocked up on new yummy recipes at The Feed Feed (using pantry staples!) and Crave and Cook (zucchini carrot fritters!); indulged in a self-help, anti-anxiety podcast (The Science of Happiness: Who Would You Be Without Them?) and quickie Insta-therapy sessions via Milan-based designer JJ Martin (so helpful!). P.S. I also have to add that this weekend I received some treats from trawling my usual spots pre-lockdown, including these Topshop jeans (think ultra-comfy, cutting-edge Celine silhouette for $56!) that I will be living in for the foreseeable future, these super cute beaded rope And Other Stories sandals (as seen on my Instagram), and so, so randomly, this game-changing hair-dryer, recommended by my in-front-of the-camera friends

Art: Rosie McGuiness

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