plan ahead

A marathon-long chain group text message between my group of friends is everything right now, particularly the humorous, uplifting memes and posts. Given how much I like to travel, the one above made me giggle at 3.45AM this morning (anyone else having trouble sleeping?!)--and inspired me to fantasize about about what I'd wear to some of the exotic locales mentioned above. After all, a little laughter never hurts, right? For Costa Del Balconia--I hear it's splendid this time of year--what about this new and gorgeous Rebecca Taylor (25% off!) or this reversible Mink Pink? Ultra-plush Santa Bedroomes call for these ultra-plush Lake pajamas (the equivalent of sleeping in a Four Seasons bed, no joke), while this cozy cardigan from Target(!) will be right at home in Los Lounges. For lovely Porto Gardenas, I'd breeze around in this pretty-in-pink Warehouse (20% off!) or this floral Antik Batik blouse. No, I don't have cabin fever. OK, well, maybe just a little. ;)

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