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It makes sense that secondhand clothing is now the biggest growing category in retail-- considering how much re-sale shopping I partake in (LOL)!  For me, it just feels better than regular shopping: I'm keeping clothes out of landfills, buying at a discount, gleaning a treasure-found high, and re-selling when I am done wearing. My favorite sources: The Real Real (for reasons like this, this and this), Celebrity Owned (love, yes, please!), Etsy (score, find, gold), and the just-launched ReCollect, Rebecca Taylor's past and present season's greatest hits, like the forever-chic blazer, above, or this cute faux fur jacket. Customers trade in their gently-worn Rebecca Taylor items for store credit, and in turn, these pieces will be sold, with half of the proceeds donated to Cool Effect to support the recycle economy. See what I mean? It's all good!

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