a leg up

I caught up with my closest girlfriends on Tuesday over a long, sweaty morning hike. We covered everything from vacation dramas (i.e., holiday travel hiccups, flu-stricken children, etc.) to post-holiday detox plans (no alcohol, plant-protein diets, etc). Somehow, this segued into our favorite new workout pants that will make us look and feel good. The hands-down favorite among us: Ultracor's leggings which boasts built-in shape wear that--no joke--lifts and flatters all the right places. It's like insta-liposuction--it's crazy! My friend sported this ankle-length star-pattern pair that made her look like she had just returned from We Care rather than Cabo guacamole! The zebra style, above, can be found on sale here. We also love to sweat in printastic styles like these by Outdoor Voices (I wore this pair on the hike!), Splits59, The Upside, and Spiritual Gangster.

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