dear santa 2019

I've been sharing my kids' letters to Santa since 2013, when my eldest was first able to write. Now, six years later, he has expressly forbidden me from posting his holiday wish list. Woe is me, times have changed! What I can tell you, however, is that he typed and printed out his list for the first time ever, complete with check-off boxes beside each item. Meanwhile, my 10-year-old has yet to write his wants down (he may have inherited my proclivity for procrastination, just saying), but he has already told me maybe over a million times that a trampoline would make him jump for joy. Well, that a Golden Retriever. In fact, a dog tops both of their lists (eek!). Between a trampoline that would hijack more Pacific Palisades real estate than I'm prepared to part with to a pet whom they've already named and nicknamed (Homie and Homes, for short!), it seems to me that Santa's elves will be working harder than usual this year to bring peace and joy. So, I thought I'd give them a break and make my list easy to please and last-minute accessible (and, in the holiday spirit, not solely for my own pleasure!)

1. Alex Katz's "Brisk Day" print, above, that would prettify any spot in my family's environs, unlike, say... a trampoline.
2. Koda's outdoor and portable pizza oven (also spot-on for those father-son camping trips!)
3. Vintage Chanel turtleneck--it's a reach but it doesn't hurt to ask, plus I will wear it forever.
4. This chic, chic, chic sold-out-everywhere Loewe-looking basket tote.
5. Sana Jardin's scented paraffin-free candles are next-level: discreet but also defining! I especially love  Tiger By Her Side and Jaipur Chant. My signature fragrance remains Berber Blonde.
6. Crosley Radio's Bluetooth-compatible record player! Even it just looks good atop a console.
7. Willy California for the hubs, whose steadfast skater/surfer look could use a stylish, sporty infusion (besides all my best friends' husbands are wearing it!)
8. Meredith Quill's chunky-chain necklace, which is taking my LA circle by storm (it is truly perfection and the price, even better!)
9. Dreamiest (but not crazy $) getaway dresses by D'Ascoli, Carolina K, and Sundress to wow over and over again! (Plus amazing vintage from Miu Miu, Emilio Pucci and Dolce & Gabbana.
10. Health and happiness for all, above all!  


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