well red

It was nearly 8PM when my friend and I sat down for dinner last night. She looked fresh and vibrant, as if she had been napping all afternoon. Far from it, she had been working and on her feet since 7 in the morning. And she was still in her office clothes (which, for the record, were eminently stylish, particularly because of this Kule cardigan she had on). "How do you you look so radiant after such a long day?" I asked, incredulously. She promptly handed over a lipstick tube, given to her at 5PM by her work-around-the-clock, super-successful, beauty-tricks-up-her-sleeve best friend. The lipstick was Armie 33 by Tom Ford Beauty, a deep red matte shade that is said to make you look picture perfect, with blue undertones to make teeth look whiter. I swear, it did all that and then some! And now it will be my hard-working secret!

Photo: Jeanne Damas

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