lela rose

While my twin sister and I have fought over lots of things throughout our lives--like who got more bacon at breakfast to first dibs on our first crush, who, BTW, didn't want to date either of us!--it now takes something pretty major for us to go head to head. The other day, that something major was a pretty Lela Rose dress. It was major in its flattering fit and show-stopping splendor. Seriously, phenomenal! Because we were in front of other people, we bickered about it politely at first, both of us (really, really) wanting it. We did agree it made sense to each choose a different Lela Rose dress and share--two for one, if you will--but... no. Finally, I stooped to pointing out that I saw it first on the rack and, so, fair and square, it should be mine. Thankfully, she conceded. (It seems those six minutes of seniority are still serving me well!) Following in Coco's good-will footsteps, I am now going to share this dress and other Lela Rose favorites, with you too, specifically her new Spring 2020 collection, replete with major prettiness, enough to go all around, in fact. They're more than perfect for parties, but to gloat maybe just a little, I'll be wearing mine simply to hang out with my sis, too.


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