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Years and years ago I'd fly to London just to shop at the High Street stores (i.e., Topshop, Warehouse, etc.), because the offerings were so on the mark (i.e., runway-inspired but affordable) and relatively unidentifiable (i.e., rarely seen in America). But, now, of course, thanks to the internet, I can click and buy from wherever I am. Still, sometimes it helps to see (cheap) things in person before purchasing, particularly home decor, so while I was in London over the weekend, I popped into H&M Home, which has no physical stores in the US. Put simply: I was blown away--it was almost hard to believe at first sight! So much for so little! Even though I can buy the goods online back at home in the States (yay!), I had to buy some (and commit to lugging them back) as they were so amazing. Plus, I feared they'd sell out, which, apparently, is typical since the offerings are so desirable. Here's what I snapped up: these pretty palm-print glasses, these amazing Hermes-spirited plates, this boho-chic tablecloth, this chic marble bowl (perfect for olives or nuts), and these kitschy candlestick holders. Stockpiling at home, to be continued!

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