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Before I knew it (before I even had a cup of coffee!), I had scrolled through 1,008 of 6,840 under-$100 dresses on Asos this morning. No, I did not have time to do this. Not even a little bit! Truth be told, I simply could not stop scrolling, due to the compelling and staggering amount of amazingly inexpensive options. They just kept popping up again and again and again (and again!). These are effortlessly chic dresses to swan around in on a hot summer day, ones that you don't have to think twice about, that just simply. . . work! For starters, take the breezy white $51 white midi, above, the $56 polka dot mini, below, this edgy maxi, this graphic floral (currently on its way to me!), this striped open-back statement, this cut-out vibrant dress, this animal-print frock, and this vacation-ready tropical-print wrap mini.

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