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For my trip to New York last week, I packed two pairs of perfect everyday-running-around jeans (you can find them here and here), but, weirdly, nothing inspiring to go with! So, one day, I cleverly converted this balloon-sleeve Zara dress into a blouse, tucking it into my waistband and then I snapped up this Harvey Faircloth striped top that I will work over and over and over again. Next time, however, I will be better prepared, thanks to Leia Sfez's Instagram account, rife with loads of jean-chic inspo. A mother of two and hard-working brand consultant, Leia does denim simply--in a way that's easy to pull off and pleases the eye. Mostly, she relies on minimalist sandals and cap-toe ballet slippers like these (pictured above) and these (not Chanel, but almost!), along with effortlessly chic blouses and button-down shirts from Ganni (below), Figaret (second pic down) and Cashmere in Love (third pic). But, it's also her preferred high-waist jeans that do most of the work. She opts for these by Vince (above, on sale!), Levi's, and Mango ($45!, pictured immediately below).

Photos: Leia Sfez

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