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RMS champage rose luminizer

Lucky me, I've just discovered not one but two new ways to get my glow on! The first came to me courtesy of a good friend/vacation mate in the Bahamas. She emerged from her bedroom early one morning in her workout gear, looking dewy and fresh, like she had just taken an energy-replenishing yoga class. Turns out it was really just Face Gym's multi-vitamin stick (complete with super hydrating Hyaluronic Acid) that did the trick! (Sweating activates the ingredients, so you get even more glowy.) Hell-o, I want to wake up (and go to the gym) looking that way! Then, when I returned home, I noticed that my twin sister was looking exceptionally/mysteriously radiant--odd since she's been spending most of her days lately inside unnaturally-lit photo studios. She credited RMS' Champagne Rose Luminizer, dabbed on her cheekbones and below her eyebrows. Magic, truly!

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