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Next Sunday I'm heading back to New York for a few fashion shows and, with rain and snow in the forecast, I'm already strategizing my warm-meets-wow wardrobe. One thing I'll need but don't currently have is this winter's go-to: a check-print coat. As these pictures prove, they perfectly punctuate an outfit to the point where it almost doesn't matter what you have on underneath! That definitely makes things easier, right? Both long and short goes, and since they do so much heavy (outfit) lifting, I am contemplating snapping up both! Thankfully, there are loads of choices that won't break the bank, including this Topshop, this Mango, this H&M, this Pull & Bear, this C/Meo Collective, and this Marc Jacobs (70% off!).
My sis just splurged on this iconic Burberry on sale! See her work it here.

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