self care

Ever since the New Year, I've been running around, Le Catch-ing hard, mommy-ing, socializing--basically working my butt off. Then the inevitable happened: my butt broke. Last week's Buns, Hips, and Thighs class prompted me to burn through too many buns and three chiropractor visits, one MRI, countless ice packs and heat pads later, I am no longer running. I am barely hobbling. So, for me, this Valentine's Day is going to be all about self-care and self-love! What will I do, you ask? Well, for starters, I bought a few books to read in my epsom salt baths (this, this and this) and forwarded a pic of this cute and sparkly Anne Sisteron ear climber to my husband (hint, hint!). I also perked myself up with this just-discovered glow-inducing Sunday Riley Good Genes treatment and cozied up in this Xirena sweater. (P.S. In my fantasy world, I'd take a cue from my friend Stephanie Steinman, above, and wear my Sleeper nightgown as a dress all day long on a beach with a splash of rose! My kind of physical therapy!)

Photo: Stephanie Steinman

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