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A few years ago, at the end of a Malibu afternoon on the beach, I began the motherly duty of packing up and schlepping the day's equipment. Lugging the towels, picnic basket, flip flops, boogie boards, etc, (while my boys carried the surfboards and wetsuits, thank goodness!), I headed down the beach, feeling very sherpa-mom-lame-o--i.e. not sexy. Suddenly, I saw a pair of bare feet in front of me and heard a perky voice say, "Hi!" I looked up and beheld the opposite of how I felt at that moment, maybe the most drop-dead pretty girl you could have found on the beach in Malibu that day (and there are a lot of pretty girls on the beach in Malibu). At first, I thought she had mistaken me for someone else, but no, she assured me. Raychel Roberts, she re-introduced herself to me, a model I had met while working at Lucky some years before. She seriously is mermaid-like pretty and her style is California-bohemian perfection. Since that day, we have spent many sunny afternoons on the beach together, talking fashion (she's obsessed with vintage!), watching our hubbies and my boys surf and talking more fashion. Now, you all can get on this girl's style secrets, too, and benefit from her masterful vintage sourcing, as she recently launched a curated shopping site The Chasseresse, featuring the most gorgeous, feminine-leaning finds like the slinky slip dress I am wearing, above in Mexico yesterday. You can read more about her and see just how insanely pretty she is here in Vogue!

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