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lucy williams style

Mixed in with this morning's grim headlines was a thankfully light/engaging read from Vogue about 2018's best fashion trends that debuted on Instagram and then exploded. The obvious ones were highlighted--the leopard slip skirt, the basket bag--and other less conspicuous, such as the nightgown for day and my current new favorite, the "sexy cardigan." Perfect example: above by Free People. I love this trend because it's actually really wearable both day and night and can be found at any price point, but mostly because "sexy" is however you define it. I define it with these beauties from Doen, Chloe, Love Shack FancyOtto d'ame, and Asos. (The cropped knit below is by Rouje, and a similar one can be found here.)

jeanne damas style

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