dear santa 2018

I've been sharing my kids' holiday wish lists for years now with you, and while I may be the only one who think these lists are cute (as they're my kids!), they also perfectly chronicle aging/maturation/life moving on. They're like time capsules! My oldest son's 2018 list is a thoughtful mix of little boy-meets-big-boy wants, accurately revealing his 12 years of age. The predominant theme: comfort, from the inflatable couch (!?) to the sweatpants to the crystals to the in-room swing (!?). Even James and Cody, our guinea pigs, are in on the hygge action. His list inspired me to craft my own: a medley of high and low, practical and indulgent. Unlike his though, mine is an adult working list, meaning I will keep revising it up until the last minute, because I know Santa can pull through! Check out what I have so far here!

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