summer in the city

My running around in New York City for the last few days has entailed laps around the Whitney Museum, a jaunt across the Brooklyn Bridge, a head-to-toe exploration of Dumbo Soho House, rounds of miniature golf with my son, and miles clocked up and down the Hudson River Park bikepath--and it has all required a marathon of dress-wearing. Fortunately, I packed well: a carry-on full of frocks that make the Big Apple-style cut and keep me cool, including the Rebecca Taylor (on sale!), above and the striped Madewell, below. Did I mention that I've also been shop-hopping? Of course, this should come as no surprise, and nor should the fact that I snapped up a few more dresses, including this lace H&M, this floral Topshop (I also like this cut-out one for hot, steamy days!), this ruffled Apiece Apart and this mini Saylor wrap.


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