lunch time

At a lovely luncheon yesterday hosted by Netaporter for my friend/clothing designer Mary Alice Haney (see more pics here), I encountered some happy surprises. First, I bumped into a high school classmate with whom I played on the tennis team and haven't seen since; I discovered the luminous, universally flattering magic that is Olio E Osso lip/cheek balm, thanks to a friend; I learned that my new yet compact Eddie Borgo bag is big enough for a day's outing; and lastly that my old Saks Potts sweater can still dazzle a discerning crowd. (I threw it over this Haney dress that's now on sale.) Today the lunch keeps on giving as I came across this statement-making turquiose H&M dress, which looks very similar to the head-turning, way more expensive one my table mate was wearing yesterday. Made my Friday!


Britney said...

what shade was the lip/cheek balm? Thanks!

Bloxorz said...

Oh great. It is the perfect combination of material, ideas and the comfort of nature. This costume will make the wearer confident when wearing it.

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