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A recent closet cleanse revealed I need more everyday blouses in my life. But the special, hard-to-find kind that stands up to the mundane--i.e., early morning school runs, market sweeps, etc.--but still looks cute, like I made an effort to get "dressed." So I did some snooping around and discovered these beauts from T by Alexander Wang, J.Crew, Tibi, Madewell, And Other Stories, Rebecca Taylor, Antik Batik, and Free People.

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Anonymous said...

The ultimate challenge - how NOT to feel like you work at Cosco when you GO to Cosco! How to be ready to pick up the kids and cozy enough to make it through sports practice.

?? what is the great jacket to wear over these when the temperature drops at the end of the day? I find that stuffing cool sleeves into jackets just isn't happening! Also -- lots of great shirts have dolman or dropped arms eyes...those don't fit in an army jacket either.

Penny for your thoughts on the new parent uniform that ISN"T Lulu Lemon! #bringbackrealclothes

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