back to business

This top is exactly what I want to wear to get back to business: up front, it's chic and meeting-worthy, while the back is open, sexy and party-ready! I'd wear it under a blazer during the day and bare it all, off-duty. Other like-minded statement tops I'd work come from MLM, Sandy Liang, H&M, and Tibi.

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Juli F said...

Love these right? I bought one similar from zara in red...but my problem is that under a jacket it puffs out all weird in front and tends to look just chunked up unless I'm wearing a sleek skirt.

How do you manage it under a jacket with this much fabric? Not to mention, the sleeves getting bunched in the narrow sleeves of most jackets.

More the point the pervasive problem of what jacket to wear with what shirt...for those of us who want to own just a few is hard to pick 'em!

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