up and up

Since I wear my hair up 24/7/365, I'm obsessively on the hunt for a new accessory that will shake things up a bit. It can be as simple a re-purposed ribbon (above), an everyday-worthy leather cuff  (also in this color), a tortoise shell ponytail holder or a metal-trimmed elastic. But then again it's fun to go all out with something statement-y, like this elegant pearl-studded pin, this vibrant hair band, this party-ready crystal comb and this quartz hair slide

Photo: Pandora Sykes


Unknown said...

You DO always wear your hair up! Me too. Such cute ideas. xx

ann said...

I am so happy to read that you wear your hair up all the time. Mine is always in some form of ponytail/messy bun/twist, and people give me a hard time about it, as if I'm lazy or don't care. I like my hair pulled back, but I don't want short hair because it makes my face look very round. It's not the same effect, anyway. And it's on my head, so I get to decide how to wear it,

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