comfort jean

$79, gap

Boasts the ease and versatility of my go-to jeans--but springier and prettier!

1. Gap denim dress, $79,
2. Anne Sisteron gold and diamond bracelet, $520,
3. Rebecca Minkoff earrings, $58,
4. Sophie Hulme tote bag, $950,
5. Balenciaga sandals, $735,


Anonymous said...

Love your blog!! The dress is cute but given that I live in Seattle where it's cooler (and damper!) than most cities in the spring/summer months, do you think it would work with a snug fitting t-shirt underneath?

Marlien Rentmeester said...

I'd try a thin black turtleneck underneath or a striped fitted long sleeve top!

Anonymous said...

reminds me of this dress.

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