winter (and warm) ready

Truth be told: I'm still in denial that winter is coming. Hence the greatness that is Shopbop's just-launched three-day sale (25% off your entire order, and 30% off if you spend over $500!), stocked with both amazing cold weather-friendly pieces-and LA-temperate-year-round styles! Helping me come to grips with the imminent frost: this cozy chic Acne Studios jacket (pictured above), this faux fur Otto d'ame, this English Factory tie-sleeve sweater, this Glamorous statement knit, this Clu sweater, these wide-leg Eve Denim jeans, these Loeffler Randall boots, and this striped Faithfull shirt. And for those random (but more recurrent!) heat wave days: this cute Carolina K dress, below, this one-shouldered Georgia blouse, and this Piper ruffle mini dress! Check everything out--cool and hot--here.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE that Acne jacket! What great new colors.

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