golden hour

After journeying from Hawaii to Venice, Italy, via LA and Frankfurt, I managed in my jet-lagged haze to suit up for dinner at Harry Cipriani in this throw-on-and-go, two-in-one Asos jumpsuit. Definitely a wardrobe vacation game-changer! 


Liv said...

What a beautiful shade of orange.


Kristin said...

Just ordered it thanks! May I ask what size you have in it??

Kelly C. said...

You look gorgeous!! That is excellent.

Sarah said...

You look spectacular!

I have an idea: what if us fan-girls could send you a dress or other clothing item and challenge you to make the look? I for one, would love it (and not just my own, but seeing other's challenges/solitons). It certainly could be a pay for service or at your discretion.
Thanks for considering it and for helping me and my wardrobe.

Unknown said...

I just received this jumpsuit today and I'm in love. Thank you for continuing to inspire!

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