white lace tops

There are some girls who stockpile jeans or shoes. My addiction: white lace tops. The feminine, floaty kind that are vintage spirited, delicate seeming, and feather-light. I have sourced my favorites from disparate places (think a Buenos Aires flea market to Zara) and, year after year, they never look "old" to me. In fact, at least one of them inevitably makes it into a suitcase whenever I travel. Lately, I've come across a slew of lovely ones, all under $200. They include this English Factory (similar to above), this Isabel Marant-inspired Endless Rose, this eyelet Scotch & Soda, this crochet accented Maven West, and this cropped Three of Something.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure the top in the photo is Love Sam...purchased it on shop bop last yr!

Ashley said...

I can relate. LOVE white lacey tops!

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