upscale casual

An invite to a friend's birthday party this past weekend called for "upscale casual" attire. I interpreted that to mean a vibrant, above-the-knee dress with flat lace-up sandals. Turned out everyone else translated that into more formal long dresses and heels. I did survive, and though everyone looked amazing, I am inclined to stick with my interpretation, which would also include the chic look, above: a mix of fancy (a Stylekeepers billowy top) and relaxed (cropped Madewell chinos). I definitely have the casual in my wardrobe nailed down, but could always use some more outfit-elevating tops. So I tracked down these goodies from Style Mafia, Club Monaco, Endless Rose, Theory and Tibi.

Photo: The Frugality


Unknown said...

Hi, where are the shoes from?

Melissa said...

Isn't her style amazing?!!

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