the silk camisole

I'm now thinking that my scorching hot summer day style plan will center around the silk camisole top. Thank you, Celine, for bringing back this '90s hit. The comeback is warranted, of course, as it goes with summer's most key staples, such as a pair of wide-leg trousers, culottes, jeans and a midi skirt (I wouldn't go shorter than above the knee, lest I want to show off too much skin!), plus it's sleek, sexy and shoulder-baring--like that other ubiquitous summer top--and easy to layer. I prefer camisoles that look suitable outside the boudoir, such as these by The Reformation, Tibi, The Row, and Theory.


The Do Good Guide said...

Love the silk camisole tops! But what do you wear for a bra??

Ardis said...

This is Tylynn Nguyen and she makes the best silk camisoles.

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