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alexa chung style

There was a bench just outside the Body By Simone pop-up Brentwood studio, where everyone parked their bag before working out. Picture Celine after Louis Vuitton after Saint Laurent, etc. A couple of weeks ago, I spotted among the recognizable mix the most elegant, simple, never-been-seen-before bucket bag. Hermes, I wondered? I decided to linger after class to see who it belonged to, but somehow I missed whoever grabbed it. Fast forward to yesterday, when I came across the above picture of Alexa Chung on Pinterest. The bag! In all its minimalist glory. And then coincidentally more pics flowed into my feed, with others toting it (below). Evidently, not only is it "the" bag for me, but now it's "the" bag to have. Perhaps best of all, it's a quarter of the price of a Celine. You can find it here in various compelling colors.


Anonymous said...

Gosh - what color are you thinking? I'm overwhelmed by the choices!

Unknown said...

Are they all sold out?

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