in sync

My twin sister flew to New York yesterday and as per usual called me upon arrival. Making up for the five and half hours of incommunicado airtime,  she rattled on about the photo shoots she'd be working on, how she'd hoped to spend her little downtime (running along the Hudson River, dinners out at Le Turtle with friends, etc.), and what she had packed. Because Coliena crisscrosses the country regularly (two or three times a month!), her carry-on always contains precisely what it should, and I was curious to know the current specifics of her masterful mix. Among the items she listed, she said a dress that can be both meeting-appropriate and free time-friendly, like the easy maxi, above, is essential. Inspired, I sought out some of these versatile dresses and happily discovered this Sam & Lavi, this Theory, this Asos (or this!), this Topshop, this Tome, this Vince and this Timo Weiland.

*Randomly, in a notable case of twin synchronicity: this past week my sister and I separately stumbled upon the all-of-a-sudden must-have cuteness that is BCBG's spring collection, specifically this beach-to-street embroidered dress, this boho romper, this ethnic tunic, and this striped top. All so good!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these - love them all but the topshop links not working from uk. Would love to see before I decide which to buy! Thank you.

Unknown said...

Who makes the sandals?

Anonymous said...

Yes would love to know who makes the sandals!

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