sporty spice

Living in LA for years may have thinned my blood (prompting me to bust out a puffer jacket on a 60-degree day) and chia-fied my diet, but it hasn't swayed me into wearing Lululemons all day long. My workout leggings come off once I'm done sweating in them! That being said, I am not at all opposed to sporting the suddenly hot yet old school-looking zip-up sports jackets this spring. Juxtaposed with more feminine and sophisticated clothing, these jackets look edgy and cool--and provide a chill-proof layer to boot. I love these versions by Topshop (or this one), Marks and Spencer, H&M, Adidas, and Chloe (directly below).


Anonymous said...

cabn you please tell me where the jacket in the first photo is from? thank you XO

Anonymous said...

It's by Australian designer Ellery. :)

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