over-the-top toppers

While the Paris' haute couture runways are currently all dolled up with extravagant beading, sparkle and frills (and a re-imagined hairbun or two--see Chanel and Dior), the boulevards are bedecked with show-stopping, statement-making coats. The kind that don't beg for but demand attention and induce serious (and even painful) pangs of envy. These toppers are so good they eclipse the underlying outfit, and since they do all the stylish heavy lifting, they make getting dressed blissfully easy. Yes, that's right, it almost doesn't matter what you're wearing underneath! In short, these are the coats we all want/need in our wardrobes. Thankfully, many of these high-caliber pieces are ready for the taking, many of them on sale! Check out these options by Ainea, Isabel Marant, Warehouse, Topshop, River Island, Asos (similar to coat in second pic below) and Tomorrowland.

Photos: Harper's Bazaar, WWD, Vogue

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