frills and thrills

I've always been a ruffle girl, and fortunately, there's no better time to be one than this season, as feminine frills are in full bloom, ornamenting tops to fanciful Victorian effect. I prefer these pretty possibilities by Clu (on sale*), Tibi, Chloe, BCBG, Rosie Assoulin, Sportmax, Gucci, and Pixie Market. (Note: there can be too much of this good thing as I wanted Miu Miu's ground-breaking version, but it looked too Little House on The Prairie when I tried it on in Paris.)

* This top is on sale at Shopbop, which is currently offering 40% off select styles through 11/6. Shop the surprise sale here.


afm said...

Love the Shopbop top. Makes me regret a few things I tossed from years ago. Will you post a link to the top? The link goes to the home page, and I've tried scanning through the tops but there are too many!

tfw said...

I too love the Shopbop ruffled top. Please post a more accurate link. I scanned through all the 40% off items and couldn't find it.

Marlien Rentmeester said...

The link works when I try it, so not sure why it is not working for some people! I will try to figure it out. You can email me at and I can try to send it to you that way!

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