hawaii time

Aloha! I just returned from a week-long vacation in Hawaii with a deep tan, natural highlights, a refreshed perspective, and... seven new bikinis! Yes, paradise doesn't get in the way of my shopping, and besides, there may be no better place on Earth to buy a swimsuit, because what bikinis are to Hawaiian girls, jeans are to Angelenos: it's their daily uniform! I surveyed the bikini pros day in and day out on the beaches of Waikiki and the north shore of Oahu, spotting mostly "cheeky" bottoms (i.e., the ones that expose more than a Brazilian, but less than a G-string). The sight of it all got me thinking that if I acquired an authentic Hawaiian-style suit (or seven!), I too would look more bikini pro, less "haole." To get real beach cred, I called a good friend, born and bred in Hawaii, who used to work with me at Conde Nast in New York and now lives in Honolulu, to give me the insider-y rundown on where to shop (Rebecca Beach in Honolulu, Splash, San Lorenzo and The Guava Shop in Halewia) and brands to look for (Acacia, Malia Jones, Mikoh). Among the ones I scooped up, I especially love these styles by Tigerlily (pictured above and 30% off now!), L*Space (it's reversible!), and Mikoh (on sale!). P.S. Neiman Marcus is clearing out loads of swimsuits and cover-ups, many of them up to Hawaiian snuff! You can check out the sale here.


Melissa said...

Love your coverup too!

Anonymous said...

what is your exercise regimen?

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