flat out good

$95, topshop

A week-long photo shoot in London had my sister working alongside the city's most in-demand stylists, all of them, she says, wearing lace-up flats. She returned home to the States yesterday with this cool pair.  

1. J.Crew beaded top, $118, jcrew.com
2. Gentle Monster sunglasses, $265, nordstrom.com
3. Jennie Kwon Designs diamond cuff, $815, shopbop.com
4. MSGM floral print clutch, $92, shopbop.com
5. Topshop lace-up flats,  $95, topshop.com
6. Fendi skirt, $900, netaporter.com


Fashionista Extraordinaire said...

Yes!! I love these!! I'm impressed with look and comfort of Topshop shoes!!! Great pick!!!

Rowda83 said...

There are an even cheaper pair available at Zara! Super comfortable and a great price. I am wearing mine right now!


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