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At Nobu in Malibu the other night with several girl friends, the table discussion ranged from the crisis in Greece to the presidential primary races. Eventually though things got serious when the conversation moved on to earrings, specifically, our most favorite go-to's. I'm talking about the ones you never need/don't want to take off, because they go with just about everything in your closet. They're perfectly subtle but not in the least bit boring. The other night I happened to be wearing my new favorite pair by Adina Reyter, which garnered table-wide approval. A friend sitting next to me, who has multiple ear piercings, swore by Lena Wald's micro diamonds. Other honorable mentions: these by Ileana Makri, Rue Gembon, Vita Fede, Dana Rebecca, Wendy Nichol, Jacquie Aiche, Sydney Evan and Irene Neuwirth.

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A Note On Style said...

I think yours from Adina Reyter are the best! But all are very pretty.

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