the one-piece wonder

In case you haven't noticed, the one-piece swimsuits this season are looking pretty sexy. They're cut to flatter and reveal more skin (but not too much more!) and yet they remain practical as always when you are in active mode--i.e. less likely to fly off in a water-tubing wipeout (as my bikini bottoms did last summer)! It's all a matter of finding the most complimentary suit and... I have! Several, in fact, including this Tory Burch (which I brought to Mexico!), this J.Crew, this Asos, this Lisa Marie Fernandez, this Acacia, and this Mara Hoffman.


Avani Narang said...

can you fix the Lisa Marie Fernandez link? It currently goes to the Mara Hoffman Suit. Thanks!

Jody said...

have you seen the one piece that bikyni put out? Serious favorite. I plan on buying more colors this summer and I'm praying they add a few more colors. The no seam design is perfect and the fabric used is super luxe.


Lily Ford said...

This pic is just facinating!

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