head-turning earrings

Clearly, Milanese women have the glamor thing nailed down. Witness the woman, above, who makes a mostly-eaten gelato cone look like just another chic fashion accessory. And not only that! She takes a pair of decadent chandelier earrings (find them here!) and makes them everyday, ice-cream-outing wearable by teaming them with a casually cuffed, button-up shirt. Bellissima! I'd like to take a cue from the Milanese with these day-to-night stunners from Mercantila, Valentino, Ben-Amun, Stella Jean, Argento Vivo, and J.Crew.

Photo: Tommy Ton


Melissa said...

Wow! Her style is stunning.

Unknown said...

I agree! Love how she made this seem effortless but chic.

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