nailed down

Rarely will you see me wearing fingernail polish, but a photo shoot earlier this month (details to come!) called for a statement manicure, featuring a striking scarlet shade. Post-shoot, I could not stop staring at my fancy red fingers, which, frankly, did not feel like my own. Even my friends commented/noticed! All of this prompted me to seek out the chicest, most dramatic reds, and I came up with a few: Nails Inc. Gel Effect Polish (pictured above), or this one, this Carnel Red by Tom Ford, this Scarlet by RGB and this Rouge Pop Art by Yves Saint Laurent.

Photo: Nails Inc.


Chelsea Hobbs said...

My favourite nail polish! :) and one of my favourite models!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Great color. I never painted my nails until recently. I am so hard on a manicure it seemed silly. For a wedding I got a gel manicure and became addicted. I get them all the time now. Really, after a year of getting them, they still don't look like my hands. I hear gel manicures may be dangerous due to the lights. I think I will need to break this habit.

These are some great colors.

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