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A few weeks ago, friends of mine told me they were planning to host a '70s-themed party at Aspen's Cloud Nine, a rollicking fun, dance-on-the-tables, champagne-dripping-from-the-ceiling lunch spot atop Aspen Highlands Mountain. Of course, I loved this idea and even plotted my outfit (all before having an actual plane ticket to Colorado in hand!): a pair of swirly-print Pucci ski pants, a skintight turtleneck, and a rainbow-bright ski vest! But as luck would have it, the hosts are now thinking '80s (and Vuarnets, neon)--and thus (though I still can't wait for the party!) I've been left looking for somewhere else to focus my '70s mojo. Fortunately, I have not had to look far, as the Spring '15 looks from designers like Chloe, Prada, Gucci, and Stella McCartney, are all about re-interpreting the free love era's best (and slinkiest!) silhouettes, chief among them the tie-neck blouse. It looks a lot cooler and sexier than its '70s-secretary predecessor. Take, for example, Chloe's gorgeous pre-fall version, pictured above, with slightly sheer billowy sleeves. (P.S. Also note how it's tied around the neck!) With so many designers successfully executing this soon-to-be-a-staple now, I'd like to get the party started with these elegant lovelies from Topshop (which my twin just bought and I plan to steal!), Equipment (also work-appropriate), Red Valentino (40% off), Miu Miu, Derek Lam, and NYDJ.

Photo: Style.com

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