the skinny scarf

prada skinny silk scarf

Before the weather calls for wrapping up in chunky, chill-defying wool scarves, I'm wanting to give the silk skinny scarf a whirl. Prada's coveted version, above and below, has a fun and slinky '70s vibe, which, of course, is one of fall's definitive trends. It looks best casually tied and draped around the neck, finishing off a streamlined, straightforward outfit (team it with a basic top and tailored blazer, or an oversize V-neck sweater, or a sleek dress). Other scarves that will do the trick include this fringed J.Crew (25% off), this Saint Laurent, this Club Monaco and this Tory Burch (fold it and wrap it around your neck like in the last image below). P.S. Check out this link to learn even more ways to style the skinny scarf.

Photos: Columbine Smille, Vogue


Victoria | Hibiscus Bloem said...

Love this scarf style. Now off to rumage amongst all my scaves (there are lots!) as I know I have a good few skinny scarves in there somewhere.

Opinion Farla said...

The red dress above is GORGEOUS!

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