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sweater dress trend

I haven't worn a sweater dress since my early teenage years, when I had several from Benetton that I busted out for birthday parties and the like. But they'll be making their way back into my life this fall... and not just for birthday parties. Because what could be cozier and easier than wearing a knit dress? Right now, I'd give it a whirl, bare-legged with ankle boots or slip-on sneakers. When it's chillier, I'd add tights and knee-high (or higher) boots. The dresses I'd like most to slip into include this Joie or this turtleneck Joie, this A.P.C., this Stella McCartney (pictured above) and this Milly.

Photos: Harper's Bazaar, LA Cool et Chic


Unknown said...

Love this amazing sweater dress trend! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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a said...

Oh man, that looks so cozy! I guess I know what I need to buy this season..

Anonymous said...

I also love the sweaterdress trend. So effortless. i love the look above with the sneakers.


Helen said...

i'm obsessed with the stella mccartney chunky knit sweater dress. i can't stop wearing mine!

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