follow suit

My husband might have mistaken all the women walking down the streets of Milan in boiler suits for repairmen. But that's just because he doesn't know that boiler suits are actually having a fashion moment, with Isabel Marant's interpretation leading the way. While I love trendy pieces, this is one I could never pull off. (My husband is thankful for this.) However, I could be up for trying the more figure-flattering version of these jumpsuits, such as this chic wool J.Crew (almost sold out!), this sexy Young Fabulous Broke (which I think my husband would actually like!) or this Haney, this silk jacquard Maison Scotch, this lightweight Splendid and this sharp Vince.

Photos: Style, Grazia, Vogue


Anonymous said...


I think you would be able to pull this look off amazingly much to your husband's chagrin xx

beth said...

Definitely an example of dressing for other women vs. dressing for men.

Anonymous said...

Really...? Just because a few have deemed it "fashion"? I'm not a sheep... Nor do I follow in bad clothing. Baaad fashion. Bad.

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