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While shopping is one of my favorite sports, I love exercising every morning like nothing else. I run mostly, sweat through heart-thumping yoga, hike and strength-train at the gym. While I have a good, strong routine, I strangely have a very meager workout wardrobe. I have no good explanation for this, except for the simple fact that snapping up a new party dress brings me way more joy than purchasing a new sports bra. The reality is I actually need more workout gear. Desperately! Thankfully, Net-a-porter just launched Net-a-sporter, which means I can shop for some extra stylish sports bras (along side amazing stilettos) and look way more pulled-together (and maybe even leaner and stronger?) at the gym. My sweat-it-out favorites include this sexy-strappy Live the Process sports bra (which could double for an everyday bra), these stream-lining Spanx leggings (genius!),  this post-workout Zoe Karssen sweatshirt,  and this striped LAAIN racer-back tank.


Unknown said...

lulu lemon will change your does live up to the hipe....#gamechanger

Anonymous said...

I'm with you - I love working out and do it all the time and yet my workout wardrobe is embarrassing! My workouts are mostly on the beach in the super early morning at a bootcamp where I'm not out to impress anyone with how I dress. But I definitely need to up my game in this category so thank you for your great - as always - suggestions xo

Unknown said...

cute post!!!!

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