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An unusually temperate Pacific Ocean had me at the beach and in a bathing suit pretty much all holiday weekend long. Not just one, of course. I busted out my current favorites: this cut-out Asos (which garnered compliments from several fellow beach-goers!), this sleek Eres, and this wraparound L*Space. While I was stationed seaside in Malibu--where, by the way, it seems the most quintessential "California Girls" congregate and make good on their reputation--I couldn't help scope out other bathing suits, including one especially cute ruffle-trimmed bikini top that had me stalking the woman wearing it. I followed her into the ocean and swam up close to her, being careful not to make her think I was a crazy weirdo! Turns out she designed the suit herself and you can find it here. My husband couldn't help himself from, uh, gawking, as well, particularly when Hawaiian professional surfer Alana Blanchard strolled up the beach, who, my husband informed me, is not only ranked top 20 in the world for her surfing talent, but also possesses one of the more famous (and often photographed) derrieres in sports. One that he seemed to be very familiar with! I have to admit, her bikini bottom was great--and not just because of her famous asset (which was also, um, incredible). If anything, I think her Hawaiian-cut bikini bottom enhanced what she already has (or perhaps I'd like to think that's the case!). Cut up high on her bum, without fully exposing it, it was bold but very flattering. Some behind-bettering options I am considering: this Rip Curl and this Citrine.

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Anonymous said...

Would love to order but have no idea about asos sizing. Would you be so kind to tell me what size you ordered or steer me in a direction regarding sizing? Thanks.

Marlien Rentmeester said...

I ordered a size 6. I'd say it runs true to size.

loren said...

where do you find the large straw hat? I need that :-)

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