day to night skirt

$99, asos

This snappy skirt has a fun '60s vibe along with a very modern work-non-stop spirit.

1. Mango knit top, $69,
2. Erickson Beamon earrings, $315,
3. Dior Addict lipstick in Diorkiss, $32,
4. Leo rubber pouch, $205, 
5. Prada metallic and suede sandals, $750,
6. Sister Jane embellished skirt, $99,


Corporate Days, Fashionable Nights said...

I love this site! Check it everyday. :) Can I put in a request for a more affordable strappy sandal? Every time I see one on here I get excited only to find out they are a couple hundred dollars! xo

Anna Schwab Matthews said...

love this whole look!

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