manning milan

It's men's fashion week in Milan, and for the female attendees, it appears to be all about embracing their inner tomboys--and wearing sneakers with just about everything. Of course, sneakers have been in vogue for a while now, but the new and emerging trend is that now they're being teamed with more fancy, feminine finery, specifically dresses and skirts, as demonstrated in these images. Only certain sneakers can pull off this look (i.e., don't try this with your everyday running kicks!), and they are of the slip-on or streamlined, old-school variety, such as these guys by Vince (similar to one directly below), Common Projects, Adidas (as pictured above), Saint Laurent, and Vans.

Photos: W Magazine,, Style, Linda Tol

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Sile Convery said...

Love all these pics. Find myself wearing my Converse and slip ons a lot this summer. And yes. I have to try them on with the outfits because as you point out they didn't go with everything! But love,the the breeziness they give an outfit.

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