drama queen

$275, netaporter.com

This flowy cape-like Maje top is exactly the kind of drama I want in my life.

1. Maje caped blouse, $275, netaporter.com
2. Heather Hawkins spiked pendant necklace, $175, shopbop.com
3. Topshop vintage wash jeans, $55, topshop.com*
4. Sara Battaglia clutch, $1125, kirnazabete.com
5. Jimmy Choo pumps, $575, netaporter.com

*Get this price and 15% off all other Topshop jeans through Sunday with the code TSJEANS15. I also like these skinnifying black jeans, these comfy jogger-like jeans, these girlfriend jeans, and these frayed-leg jeans.

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Effortless Everyday Style said...

that top is amazing!!

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