boho clutch

Why not mix a little rococo bohemian with a little Coco Chanel? Spotted at Australian Fashion Week yesterday, the look is unexpected and fun. However, I am inclined to skip the Chanel and simply tote the clutch--but keep the all-black-outfit counterpart. A casually minimalist outfit will help temper the charmingly exotic bag (so the effect isn't too gypsy-with-wanderlust). Star Mela, an amazing UK-based line, offers up vibrant clutches that strike the ideal balance between boho and chic. And they're nicely priced. My fave: the orange paliette-studded guy, top right.

Photo: W Magazine


PVlover said...

Yeah, I don't see why she needs the clutch AND the Chanel. Instead how about a chanelesque jacket and a pearl collar/choker with a colorful cage heel?

Effortless Everyday Style said...

Love all of these clutches!!

Alexa said...

That is so cute. Def into the bohemian look these days!

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