$136, anthropologie

Last summer in Santorini my friend and I stumbled into a random but excellent swimsuit shop, where we cooed over all the unusually cool, wildly patterned, cleverly reversible bathing suits. Of course, I snapped one up--but have since lost it somewhere in Mexico! This bikini will be this summer's replacement.

1. Emilio Pucci silk chiffon dress, $2690, netaporter.com
2.Wildfox sunglasses, $169, shopbop.com
3. Maaji reversible bikini, $136, anthropologie.com
4. J.Crew metallic sandals, $118, jcrew.com


Just Another Shopaholic said...

Want that bikini!!

Anonymous said...

love this! what was the shop in santorini? headed there this summer!

Marlien Rentmeester said...

The shop is called Spicy and it's in Thira. There are two of them, both filled with amazing suits. Enjoy!

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